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Our Services

At Up2 Code Systems, we offer a range of services that can help you secure your home or business. Our fire alarm systems are designed to keep you safe and alert in case of an emergency. We also provide security systems that can help you monitor your property and keep it safe from intruders. Our home entertainment systems are perfect for those who want to enjoy high-quality audio and video in the comfort of their own home. Finally, our access control systems can help you control who has access to your property. All of our services are fast, reliable, and designed to meet your needs.

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Emergency Responder Communication System

Effective communication is a lifeline during an emergency

Effective communication is crucial for first responders during an emergency. Often, communication within large buildings is difficult if not impossible. Effective communication can help to reduce confusion and prevent errors, which can be critical in an emergency situation. Therefore, it is essential for first responders to have proper communication tools to ensure that they can respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Installing an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) is a crucial responsibility for building owners. As a signal booster, it allows emergency responders to communicate wirelessly in locations that have limited or zero connectivity. Through a network of antennas, outside radio frequencies are re-transmitted inside a building where the signal is weak or non-existent, decreasing emergency response time and ensuring help where it's needed most.

  • All new buildings require an ERCES, while existing buildings have varying timelines for compliance. Up 2 Code has the expertise to guide you through the rules and regulations that apply to your industry and facility.

  • We ensure that our designs and installations meet all local, state and national requirements, so that your systems are effective and compliant.

Commercial Office

Making the workplace safer and more secure

Commercial office buildings possess a unique set of challenges—high floors, evacuation protocol, mass communication and access control to name a few.

Different buildings have different solutions when it comes to safety and security, so we design custom systems that protect employees and property while enhancing operations and reducing costs.

Up 2 Code can help you identify risks, stay compliant with ever-changing code requirements and, most importantly, keep your people safe and secure.

Clients Include:

  • High-rise Office Buildings

  • Office Campuses

  • Low-rise/Mid-rise Office Buildings

commercial office building

Our Services

Fire Alarm.webp

Fire Alarm

Elevate your home's safety with Up 2 Code Systems’ cutting-edge Fire Alarm Installation Service. Safeguarding your loved ones and precious belongings is now smarter than ever. Our expert team ensures classic integration of advanced fire detection technology into your smart home setup, granting you real-time alerts and remote monitoring. Read More

Access Control

Step into a realm of unparalleled security and convenience with Up 2 Code Systems' Access Control service. Imagine a world where your home recognizes you, granting access with a simple touch or a voice command. Our cutting-edge technology transforms traditional security measures, providing you with a faultless, intelligent access management system. Read More

Smart Screen With  Smart Home
Wifi Networks system

Wifi Networks

Complete connectivity is the heartbeat of a smart home, and Up 2 Code Systems orchestrates this symphony flawlessly with our exceptional WiFi Network service. Step into a realm where devices communicate effortlessly, streaming is buffer-free, and control is at your fingertips. Your home transforms into a hub of innovation, simplifying tasks and elevating entertainment. Read More

Video & Security Systems

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with Up 2 Code Systems’ cutting-edge Video & Security System, meticulously crafted to elevate your smart home experience. Safeguard what matters most with high-definition cameras, real-time monitoring, and expert integration, ensuring your home's security is never compromised. Read More

advance Video & Security Systems
High-quality sound equipment by up2codesystems

Sound Systems

Elevate your living space with the ultimate in sound perfection through Up 2 Code System's unparalleled Sound System Installation Service. Immerse yourself in a world of cinematic audio, where every note, beat, and whisper comes to life. Specializing in smart homes, we flawlessly integrate cutting-edge sound technology into your living environment, Read More

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